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  Welcome to Polo Master!  We are pleased to have you as a visitor and we hope that the aesthetics of our web site will help to convey our commitment to quality architecture and construction in every home we build.

Polo Master Builders is widely regarded as one of New Jersey's premier custom home builders.  Howard Polo and his son Roger have been building fine homes in Northern New Jersey for over 20 years as their company has evolved and grown.

Today Polo Master Builders is an organization of 25 full time members.  We offer our clients a compliment of finely honed skills, services and professional associate relationships that assures service and quality of the highest level.  The unparalleled documentation and fiscal responsibility, the outstanding site management team, the in-house architectural design capabilities, the office staff with 45 years experience in the construction industry, the team of full time highly skilled finish carpenters and the superlative framing crew make the process of building a fine home an exciting and rewarding experience for our clients.  The testimonial letters we have received provide unequivocal evidence of Polo Master Builders commitment and dedicated service.

Below are listed the major sections of our web site, along with a concise description of their function.  To navigate between these areas, please use the side menu of links located in the left frame of your browser window.

Current Projects:

A summary of our current projects is listed here.  Please check back for updates!

Properties for Sale:

A listing of our current properties offered for sale.

Past Projects:

Examples of past projects are given in this section.


Take a video tour of some of the Polo Master Builders custom homes.  The videos include not only interior and exterior footage of several homes but also aerial video to allow you to see  several of the projects as they blend with their surroundings.



Here you can find letters of recommendation and customer testimonials.

Philosophy & Bios:

In this section, the core philosophy of Polo Master Builders is stated.  Additionally, you can read the biographies of our management team.

Selecting a Builder:

How to evaluate a builder.  What to look for in a builder and where to get references.  This section provides the information  necessary for the homeowner to make the critical decision of who to choose as their builder.  We feel this section will be an invaluable aid in one of the most important decisions you will ever make.



We work with construction associates in a wide variety of fields, from home electronics to landscaping, to provide you with a complete home development package.

Contact Us:

While we that hope our web site will serve as a wellspring of  valuable information, nothing can replace person to person contact.  Find out how to get in touch with us directly.