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Here are some tips, from Polo Master Builders architectural designer Jack Wright,  for selecting the builder of your masterpiece.

Check their record.  Has the organization achieved a consistent record of successfully completing homes of the scale and complexity you are planning?

Check references.  Have the builder's previous residential clients been pleased with the quality, cost and duration of their projects?

Examine support services.  Does the builder offer all the support services a homeowner requires?  For example:  excellent cost accounting, timely financial reporting procedures and the professional and supplier relationships that enable the owner to complete, without excess stress, the selection of plumbing fixtures, cabinets, tile, marble and granite, electrical fixtures, door hardware, bath accessories, etc.  Does the builder have in-house design capabilities?

Visit several construction sites.  You should ask to see projects in various stages of completion.  The exterior and interior areas should be orderly and well managed.  This reflects the builder's philosophy.  A neat, clean job generates less waste and is safer.

Consider chemistry.  You should get along well with the builder.  Chemistry and trust are important.  The builder must listen and be sensitive to the owner's concerns.  Building a home is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and it should be a positive and memorable one.