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Dear Howard and Roger,

Maria and I just wanted to tell you what a pleasure it was working with you during the construction of our home. The entire process, from initial design work through the final walk through could not have been more enjoyable. As you know, we have built three homes prior to this one - but this was by far the most custom and most elaborate home in our building experience. It was also the most rewarding.  As I previously mentioned, the entire process was a rewarding experience, however, a number of areas truly contributed to its success:

The personal service we received from both of you was exceptional. We could not have built such a home without the attention each of you gave us and the project.

Each of the sub-contractors that worked on the project were friendly, very helpful and respectful of our ideas and questions.

The creativity that was brought to bear on issues as well as to enhance some aspect of the home really made the difference.

The billings and other record keeping aspects of the project assured that I would remain comfortable concerning accurate payments.

The personal pride you took in the home and the desire to make sure we would be happy in the end was exemplary and certainly shows tin the finished project.

In closing, Maria and I would like to again thank you for a job well done and for a home that our visitors marvel at.

Best regards,