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Mr. Howard Polo
Mr. Roger Polo
Polo Master Builder
12 School House Road
Morristown, NJ 07960

Dear Howard and Roger,

It is with great happiness that I write today to congratulate you for a most outstanding job! It is only now that our project is complete, that I realize building a sizable addition to a current home is even more complicated than building a new home. We are elated that our choice, Polo Master Builder, was perfect!

Ours was a lengthy, complicated project; a 4200 square foot addition, that needed to be incorporated into every aspect of our existing home. It would take about 14 months and we would be able to live on site during the building. Submerging ourselves into half construction site and half home site was a concern of mine. This fear quickly faded as I met our project manager, the crew, and the subcontractors involved with the project. First, the quality of the work was outstanding, all paying special attention to both large and small details, and just how their work fit into the otherís work. Their sense of camaraderie among each other enhanced our finished product. They also showed great respect for the fact that they really were working at someoneís home. They always had what they needed, never asked for anything and before they left everyday, things were picked up, put away, cleaned and swept. Having a dozen or so men working on site could have easily been a nightmare. It was a pleasure!

It is easy to conclude why building intricate, complex projects proceed so smoothly. It starts with Howard and Roger. They are extremely talented and knowledgeable. They approach each project decision with wise concern for quality, attention to detail, and their clientís desires. They were able to bring to reality a higher level of design because they listen carefully to their clients. Roger has meticulous accounting records, and monthly we were able to account for every material and labor charge. If we ever had a question, Roger was readily available to reach by phone, never letting us hang on for days without answers. Above all things, Howard and Roger have the highest level of pride, honesty and integrity. They make decisions against some very high personal standards. As our dream became a reality, John and I felt we were not only in the most capable and dependable hands but also did not have to concern ourselves with the added aggravations of sloppy management, deceit and misrepresentation. This level of integrity can be seen in all levels of Polo Master Builder homes. The people and subs who are part of their organization take great pride in their work, the display a mutual level of respect for each other, and it is evident in the final product.

When I first read some early recommendations for Polo Master Builder, I remember reading a letter that stated the client would never even bother to interview another builder if he were to build again. I took those words as pretty crazy at the time. Surely, one would always get comparisons for plans and seek advice from several builders before starting a grand new design! I kept thinking about that statement as the building progresses. Now, I understand it.

Just recently, we celebrated the completion of our addition. Family and friends all joined us. It was an honor and a pleasure to Howard and Bev Polo, Roger Polo, and John Song join us for the festivities. What more can I say?

Most sincerely,