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Polo Master Builders
12 School House Lane
Morristown, NJ, 07960


Dear Howard & Roger,

It has been one year since we moved into OUR home. I emphasize OUR because in a very significant and tangible way, the two of you are inextricably linked to the house in which we live. Not a week goes by that Nancy and I don't reflect upon the one year project that culminated in the lovely stone and wood "contempo-colonial" home which we, the four of us, created together.

Right from the start, your help and assistance was remarkable, placing our interests above all else. Months before we ever had a contract to build with you, Howard and I walked several properties nearby. The plusses and minuses of each were pointed out to me. This site selection process was ever so important. When I was faced with a landowner that wanted to change the complexion of his sale (almost taking the whole project down), your phone call to him smoothed things over almost instantly. You went out of your way to track down the architect whose sketches sparked many of our design ideas, which we incorporated into the final blueprints. Without that critical information, our dream home would never have been the same.

When it came to the construction contract, you presented a most carefully thought out and detailed document from which we negotiated the final agreement. As many of the specifications were adjusted, you were true to your original contract price and did not cut any corners during construction. As a matter of fact, I have told many of my friends that you were, for the most part, MORE meticulous about the construction details than I was! - always checking the work site, inspecting the subcontractors, and insisting that the project be done properly.

The construction schedule proceeded on time and without a hitch. I always felt on top of things as the project progressed and was regularly informed of upcoming deadlines well in advance. This was very helpful regarding cash flow and financing, as well as allowing us ample time to select our stone, granite, flooring, tile, etc., in a timely fashion.

We closed on time and on budget (except for a few self-inflicted upgrades and additions). Most importantly however, we are the beneficiaries of our dream home, constructed in the highest quality manner. The materials and workmanship are incredible. My family and friends have unanimously commented on the upscale construction and attention to detail that typifies your company's projects.

Our home is a joy to live in. We are so glad that we chose to build a home for ourselves. We are so very thankful that we chose Polo Master Builders to build our dream home. Those who tried to convince us not to undertake the building of a home from scratch (due to the litany of problems involved) could not have been more wrong! The two of you are real professionals. There was rarely a challenge that wasn't appropriately addressed and promptly resolved to our mutual satisfaction. I have often told Nancy (only half in jest), that I'd like to build another home with you, just to go through that wonderful experience once again!

Please feel free to invite potential clients to call us. We feel that using us as a reference will allow others to appreciate and benefit from your expertise.

Best personal regards,