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Dear Roger and Howard,

It is with great pleasure that I present this letter as a recommendation to any of your existing or future clients and to serve as evidence of the project that we experienced. Although we did not undergo new construction with your company, there were many aspects of our project that were the magnitude of the new construction experience. I would venture to say that a renovation project in a thirty-five room estate, with two kitchens, seven bedrooms, nine full baths and two half baths, where each room and area was effected by your staff, would result in a complaint or two between the homeowner and the contractor. To the contrary, Patti and I can only view your entire organization with the highest esteem.

We knew that this construction project would end up with an enlarged scope, just by virtue of general renovation principals. The fact that the kitchen appliances were replaced, forcing cabinet alterations, and thus carpenters, plumbers, electricians, mechanical and hvac personnel, painters, cabinet makers, and finally, floor refinishers; all of the trades made their way to our home. Each area of our home was affected in a similar manner, as we effectively went room by room, and either replaced, refurbished, renovated, rebuilt, or at minimum repainted or recarpeted that area. When we finally reached the attic loft and the unfinished basement areas, we could not leave those areas undisturbed. So with the help of your talents, we created the most useful of spaces in our home. The cabana baths, laundry, play area, sauna, wine cellar, hallway, auxiliary closets and last but not so least, the theatre, are the most noteworthy of spaces that anyone could add to an already stupendous estate. The disassembling of the family room and post and beam retrofit certainly has such eye appeal upon entering the room, that is usually overwhelms guests before they realize that as large a space as it may be, it is one of the warmest and coziest spots in our home. To this day, that room in particular has me in awe of you and staff’s ability to take both existing conditions and existing space and the challenge of change, and create an artistic rendering of the homeowner’s visions. The word "master" in your company name speaks for itself in our home, as, from the beginning of conversations, we were trying to emulate the existing design that was achieved by the original architect and builders. All of the alterations and additions were mirrored from the existing conditions. That is a real testimonial to your company’s skills to do renovation projects of this magnitude.

If you were to ask any homeowner if they wanted to renovate their home, and that there might be on any given day up to twenty-five to thirty men, both contractors and their subs. For somewhere the duration of fifteen months, and that is would start at 7:00 am for sometimes six days a week. I’m not sure that I am the right person to quantify the typical answer of no?! On behalf of my entire family, I would like to thank you, your father, and your entire staff and subcontractors for your diligence in holding our hands through what could have been a very long and arduous year. We feel like people will last well beyond the projects that have been completed. Thank you for turning someone else’s dream into our warm creation and comfortable home.

I am sure that as theoretic projects come up, and we have been known to have a few extra visions up our sleeve, that Polo Master Builders, moreover: Roger and Howard Polo, will be the first to be contacted. We are so fortunate to have come across such a quality conscious and organized team as the one that you have put together. I hope that your business continues to flourish and that your company has many more years of prosperity.

Thank you again for the effort and magnificent workmanship that we received. We are reminded daily of your efforts and your excellence.

Sincerely yours,