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Howard and Roger Polo
Polo Master Builders
12 Schoolhouse Road
Morristown, NJ  07960

Dear Howard and Roger,

Debbie and I want to express our sincerest gratitude to the both of you for making our home-building experience a rewarding one in so many ways.  As we mentioned to you at our very first meeting together, we needed you to manage the construction entirely and just point us toward the necessary decision-making at each stage of development.  With four children and so many other obligations, we relied on your good judgment and resolve throughout the process and the results are amazing.

Every visitor and family member who has been to our new home comments on the craftsmanship and the attention to detail which are so rare in American homebuilding these days.  Our kitchen cabinetry is a real eye-opener and has proven to be functional as well as beautiful.  We spend so much time there and the suggestions that you both made resulted in a room that is perfectly adapted to our lifestyle.

The molding work through the house adds an old-world feeling and is especially beautiful in our dining room and family room.  Howard's suggestions about the way to approach the coffered ceilings in the great room and the dining room paneling proved what a help he could be in design as well as building.

My father when visiting recently said that there is no room in the house in which you could fail to look around and see at least one or two features that make you aware that you are in a custom-designed and built home.

The construction site during the hot, dry 1999 summer was always well maintained, no littering with bottles, cans, half-eaten lunches.  You were careful to clean up all debris every day and nothing was ever buried in the ground as a quick clean up; a professional way of approaching home-building.  In fact, since we had to move in before all the interior construction was complete, your men took special care to protect all furniture and floors and their work did no damage to our personal effects.

There is something about your good nature that brings good people to you.  All of your sub-contractors are more like family members than business relationships. They care about their work.  They are pleasant and polite and they are committed to doing their best (Many told me there is no point in trying to get away with anything as Howard's eagle eye would find it and he would make them redo it anyhow.)  But more importantly, they were genuinely proud of their craft and they happened to be the very best.

Roger, you kept us well informed by fax updates weekly and directed our attention to the purchases needed for each upcoming phase of construction.  Needless to say we trusted you with substantial supervision over payments and with large amounts of money involved, you were detailed and exacting in your work. Thank you for being worthy of our trust.

Looking back on the past year, Debbie and I are grateful that we were able to place our dependence on you both, and that you gave us your very best.  We wish you continued good health and success in all you do.  Please do not hesitate to have new prospective clients call us.  We would be most happy to tell them the truth about our good friends, the Polo's and their home-building talents.

Sincerely yours,



Mr. Jack Wright
Polo Master Builders
12 School House Road
Morristown, NJ 07960

Dear Jack,

Debbie and I want to thank you so much for all the help you gave us in the woodworking design for our home. We had envisioned so many things from the architectís plans that became a reality during the construction, but when it came to the woodworking design, we started with a blank page. Thanks to you, the page was filled to overflowing and the result has been spectacular.

You were a good listener during the initial meetings when we began our design meetings with you. You captured our desire to keep and old-world, farmhouse appeal to the look of the rooms and made use of many materials and design elements that brought that feeling to life.

The coffered ceiling in our great room was designed so beautifully with layering of crown and other moldings that make it stand out as a piece of art. The fireplace mantel and itís lovely details capture a real old-world artistry without being too ornate. The room is large and the wrap-around wainscoting in a heavier-dimension molding makes the room look like one from a turn-of-the-century manor.

Our dining room never fails to impress everyone who dines there, and with our large family that includes about half of New Jersey. The repeating wall panels surrounded with layers of molding reach upward to over six feet in height terminating in a shelf that holds plates, pictures and whatever. This is spaced to the crown molding by drywall, offering a pattern of color. The soft-green color of the panels, the eggshell walls and the hard wood floors bring you back to a tavern in the Revolutionary war.

Not even our master bathroom, not usually a room for much inventiveness is woodworking design, was absent from your touch. Above the bath the raised ceiling was paneled in bead-board flanked with crown and painted in a single light color, which added a finished touch to the room that would certainly have been left plain old wall board if not for your instinct for design and you artistic vision.

I offer our home to anyone considering you for their woodworking design and construction needs. The finished results say a thousand words.

I could go on and on, but let me just end by offering you once again our gratitude for your talent, your dedication to your work, and your friendship throughout the design and construction of our home. We wish you only the very best of luck in all future endeavors.