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Mendham Design

To whom it may concern,

I have worked with Howard and Roger Polo on many projects since opening my architectural practice in Mendham. The projects that we have worked on together cover a fairly wide range in terms of size, style, and complexity, but they all have in common the fact that they were successful for everyone involved. In my experience, success in residential projects is achieved through attention to detail and good communication.

The Polo's are excellent builders. They are very knowledgeable and bring this knowledge to bear through a consistent concern for quality and attention to detail. As an architect, I am always concerned with the translation of my drawings, and thus the client's wishes, into a built reality. Howard and Roger have a wonderful ability to not only translate the design into reality but to bring an additional depth of quality to the work as well.

It is not uncommon to find builders who build well but who don't do a good job of communicating with their clients. The Polo's, however, communicate very well, which has meant that the clients on my projects have been kept well informed and have felt that they were fully in control of their project. The Polo's have done an excellent job of maintain my client's sense that their interests were paramount throughout what is often a difficult process.

My success as an architect depends on my clients feeling good about not only the work they have done, but about the participants in the process as well. The jobs that I have done with Howard and Roger Polo have uniformly met this expectation.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Howard and Roger Polo as builders of the highest merit. In my 13 years in custom residential practice the Polo's rank right at the top among the many excellent contractors and builders with whom I have worked.


Dennis Raffensperger, AIA