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Mr. Roger Polo
Polo Master Builders
12 Schoolhouse Road
Morristown, NJ

Dear Roger,

For the longest time I had wanted to drop you a note, letting you, your father, your craftspeople and your subcontractors know how much we have appreciated the quality of your work and the quality of our working relationship.

Starting with the residing of our home and the rebuilding of our deck, to the remodeling of our kitchen and the master bathroom, to the roofing and window replacement jobs, you and your people set standards of excellence in workmanship. On every job, you attended to the minutest of details; you listen and respected your customer's (our) wishes; you never cut corners; and, you stood behind your work, i.e., you accepted total accountability for the work performed, including the work of your subcontractors.

But equally important, the relationship with you and your organization has, from the beginning, been one built on integrity and mutual trust and respect. For none of the jobs which we contracted with you did we go through the trouble of getting a second opinion or estimate. We had the full confidence in you and your father that you would act in our best interest and be just and fair in the pricing of the material you provided and the services you rendered.

With some regret I must admit that, at the moment, we have no major project planned or scheduled. But, as you know, with us this situation could change quickly! Therefore, let me say in closing, we are looking forward to a continuing, friendly, pleasant and mutually beneficial business relationship.

Best regards,